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I’m Tom. At my day job people know me as Dr. Thomas Roedl. And online, you know me as Tom Solid.

I help you find the easiest way to go paperless by reviewing apps on my YouTube channel and website, so you can customize them to meet your unique needs. Most people I talk to feel lost by the overwhelming number of apps and systems for going paperless.

To help each other with this, I started the #PaperlessMovement you can join here!

I know how you feel.

I felt that way too. I work in a fast-paced area as a Validation Expert and Data Analyst. Coordinating with my team on multiple projects with complex topics, and loads of meetings, was chaotic.

We desperately needed a way to communicate and coordinate our work.

As an experiment, I created my own task-tool for the team, using sharepoint and Nintex Workflows. The results were amazing! That tool solved our communication problems and increased our efficiency by 60%.

After seeing the difference one task-tool could make, I was hooked.

I started testing and trying all kinds of productivity apps and task-tools and sharing my results online. I tried loads of software applications that claim to be the ALL-IN-ONE solution to make the team efficient. None of them could make true on their claim. I found there is no such thing as an app that solves every problem and increases efficiency automatically. Then I found a book on productivity by David Allen called “Getting Things Done”. After reading this book (and a few others) I realized that…

...Integration is the key.

By integrating apps for specific tasks and using productivity systems to create a workflow, I could optimize my productivity and simplify my life. And it worked. Along this journey I realized I needed to get rid of my paper notebook and become completely paperless. It was simply easier to store things and find them again, and I believe it’s where the future is headed.

After I committed to my paperless life, my colleagues and fast-growing online community started reaching out to me through comments, my Forum, email and on Facebook. They wanted to know how I went paperless, and which apps are the best. So I created the App Comparison Tool to make it easier for people to do a side-by-side comparison of the apps they’re interested in. Our discussions on the Forum have taught me this: We all have the same aim—to become paperless, to take back control over our complex lives, and to gain more freedom to work on things that matter.

Tom Hugs a Tree

Tom Solid’s Paperless Movement

was born - and people started committing to being part of it.

What’s so amazing is, all of this happens globally. On the Forum and on Facebook everybody works together, helping each other, without asking for a reward. This is just amazing and I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life. We have such an amazing community!

My dream is to increase awareness of the paperless movement and help people make the shift to a paperless future.

Everybody who shares this vision of a paperless future joins my #PaperlessMovement. I’d be honored if you’d join too.

Thanks for stopping by.



Are you wondering why I use the name Tom Solid online? Ok. I’ll tell you the story…

Before the days of, I was creating music. I was called “PsyTox”. But when I went to release my first album I found out this name was taken, so I had to find something new.

At this point in my life I was starting to become more serious, to settle down. I wanted to build a solid base for my wife and later for my children. In short, I became solid.

With “Solid” as my new identity and way of looking at life, I published my music, and later my YouTube channel and this website. I aim to be a solid and trusted friend you can rely on, to get the most from your paperless journey!